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I help clients create the life they want. Embrace imperfections, idenify core strengths, and courageously break through barriers. Become clear about who you are and what you want.  We accomplish so much more in life with professional support and commitment.  I can help you become aware of sabatoging habits in career & relationships while also commiting to prioritizing self-care & goal setting.

In my coaching practice I emphasize that in order to grow & succeed in both relationships & career goals, we must overcome lingering negative patterns, usually developed in past unhealthy relationships. Often the main culprit for stagnation in career is the weight of past wounds and current draining relationships burdening our life choices.  Do you want wounds and dysfunctional people driving your life bus?  No! Letting go of negative people, places & things (including guilt & shame) is a massive and, in the beginning, sometimes lonely undertaking but a necessity for happiness.

Something unique which I offer to my coaching clients is my 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist with a thriving practice. My coaching style incorporates my professional knowledge about overcoming problems with  relationships, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, trauma, dysfunctional family systems FUSED with goal setting, motivational skills, health priorities, all to benefit clients with successful relationship & career goal setting.

Are you dealing with Narcissist Abuse?  I've got your back. Although I help people with many types of relationshp problems, helping people break free from Narcissists & thrive post apocalyptic Narc Abuse is one of my specialties. My first self-help book on Divorce & Dating for Women (available on Amaon) is my other specialty.  Although I help all people, I have great personal and professional insight on Women's Issues, particularly surviving divorce, successfully dating, & successfully advancing careers.

Together we will heal wounds, overcome doubts, and grow past problematic thinking which led to old behaviors.  We will create unique strategies to embrace your personal power to fill your life with positivity, joy & confidence.  

Are you avoiding exercise & health goals?  I founded Walk and Talks Walking Psychotherapy Services out of my passionate certainty that exercise is NOT optional in managing stress, depression, anxiety, and self-esteem.  Nature is also a much underutilized means for grounding, centering, and listening to your inner voice. Walking also stimulates creative, clear thinking. Walking sessions for local clients is always an option as well as walking together "virtually" for everyone.  
I encourage any & all exercise.  I personally love to change it up with variety including yoga, jogging half-marathons, spinning, pilates, free weights, & of course, walking.  I am by no means in perfect shape, but I truly enjoy exercising. I like to help clients to explore & commit to a personalized exercise plan. We all have our natural preferences and physical tendencies for enjoyable exercise.  Incorporating variety can be a great way to avoid burn out and injury while also meeting new people with shared interests.
Who are you? Really?  What do you truly want? I offer a warm, collaborative alliance full of genuine interest in & support for your unique journey toward your ever-evolving, happy life.  I want clients to feel connected to their innermost motivators and create a life of passion with balance of the mind, body & spirit.  I emphasize commitment to healthy goals without radical perfectionism or unrealistic, harsh expectations.  

We are composed of so many parts.  We all have so many experiences, likes, dislikes, dreams, and demands all swirling together, all of the time.  WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE THE SAME PERSON EVERY DAY!!  Be who you feel at any given moment.  Embrace the changes within your views and attitudes and internal dialogue day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.  One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to allow rigid external expectations, demands, or categorizations dictate our choices.  This violates and inhibits the principles of fluidity, freedom of expression, serenity, growth, and ultimately our undeniable human right to the pursuit of happiness.  

We all have different energy levels, different personalities, and different ideas of a purposeful life. That is what makes my work so interesting!  I love watching my clients embrace who they are & create successful, meaningful lives.

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