Twenty years of experience helping clients resolve problems and achieve confidence in self-esteem, relationships and career.
Life is an ongoing balancing act of work, play, relationships, wellness,  
mindfulness, gratitude, and healthy boundaries.
Minimize the negatives and maximize the positives.
Glow and grow through the struggles.
Live a shame free, empowered existence by constantly assessing the joyful "who" and "what" you want in your life.
​Be authentic and natural no matter where your day takes you.
Do your energy work and be accountable for the changes!

  1. The Women's Divorce & Dating Survival Guide
    The Women's Divorce & Dating Survival Guide
    Available on Amazon in paperback & digital, I wrote this self help book over the course of 10 years of personal & professional research. This guide helps women thrive through divorce adjustments and begin empowered dating when ready.
  2. Walk and Talks, LLC
    Walk and Talks, LLC
    I founded this company for therapists and clients to utilize the mind-body connection in psychotherapy sessions. Certified Walk & Talks counselors are multiplying to provide "out of the office," . calorie burning, empowering, nature filled sessions.