I earned my Masters Degree in Social Work in 1997 from The University of Houston and a Bachelors in Psychology from Northern Michigan University in 1992.  After being in psychotherapy practice for 20 years, I founded, Walk and Talks, LLC Walking Psychotherapy Services in Houston then launched in 2018 in L.A.  My book, "The Divorce & Dating Survival Guide for Women" is available on Amazon in digital and paperback.  My next book, "The Recovery Guide for Survivors of Narcissist Abuse" is full of relatable stories, reflections and affirmations for healing & thriving post-apocalyptic Narc-Abuse.  It will be available summer 2019.

Some personal history: I was born & raised in a large family of six girls in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  My traditional midwest values of hard work, openness and kindness combined with my commitment to inclusivity, flexible, progressive, joyful living brings a unique perpective to coaching.  

Another fun personal fact: I have acted in over 30 films & commercials.  I have been coached, have successfully applied skills, and provide my clients with confidence & anxiety management skills when under pressure. Learning to "put yourself out there" confidently & persevere through rejections, failure, and bizarre unkown variables is another area of expertise I love to share with clients. I am also very good at role playing potential scenarios & outcomes to reduce trepidation about meetings, dates & family landmines. I want my clients to practice being present in their lives, connected to themselves & the world with healthy boundaries, always prepared & ready for anything, just as I have learned to do as an actress.  

I have a lifetime of personal & professional experience in hundreds of layers of Women's Issues!  Empowering women post "#Metoo" or post ANY harassment, abuse & opression is my specialty.  We can thrive, SHINE, grow, & let go. SHINING means we do not worry about people pleasing, we refuse to carry shame & guilt, and we own our space in the world so our talents reach their full potential. Healing & letting go of traumatic experiences is a pirority in breaking  barriers & opressive forces. OWN YOUR PERSONAL POWER! I advocate embracing the entire self, flaws & failures, strenghts & passions. I emphasize the purposeful fusion of passions, gifts, & priorities to help clients create their personal plans for happy, fulfilling lives.

I was fortunate to grow up with a family climate full of "a joie de vivre." If you were not raised with one, you can still LEARN TO HAVE A ZEST FOR LIFE!! I am cheerful & motivational by nature, but never over bearing.  I believe it hurts our joyful spirits & exhausts our precious, limited energy to be around dominating, controlling people.  We can have success AND be kind.  We can step outside of our comfort zones without constantly jumping out of airplanes. By taking organized, measured, daily steps toward our big dreams, a life long commitment to growth & change can become a natural tendency.  I preach it, I live it, & I LOVE helping others do the same.


I offer Skpe Coaching Sessions & Phone Coaching Sessions at the following rates:

55 Minute Initial Assessment: $220
45 Minute Ongoing Intensive Coaching: $180
30 Minute Ongoing Intensive Coaching: $120
15 Minute Professional Pep Talk: $60
15 Minute EMail/Texting Exchange: $60